Important Aspects of Fair Divorce Settlement

Getting a Divorce is never as simple as it seems to be. You need to consider a plethora of factors, but the major element which is important for the satisfaction of both the parties is a Fair Settlement. There is no definite conspectus of “Fair Settlement” as it varies for every case. What seems to be fair for one may not be fair for the other end.

This settlement should be fair and unbiased, it is one of the toughest parts of the separation as it requires the emotional strength till the end of the process. There are a few basics you need to consider while settling the financial possessions:

  • Custody of children or the parenting time by each spouse.
  • Children school/tuition fee and child support and so on.
  • Alimony, maintenance, and spouse support, mostly to the female partner
  • Division of assets, properties, liabilities or a property of one spouse.

Let’s get into the depth of parameters which one must take into the account before separating.

All the Aspects of  Divorce Settlement

Child custody and parenting time:

Child custody is the major and most valuable factor which one must settle while finalizing the divorce. As there is no pre-designed structure for the Child custody and it differs in different cases. There are no defined guidelines which you need to follow in order to own child custody, but it is most disputed matter among all other things because both the parents are equally attached to children.

Here is Delhi divorce lawyers’ firm, we help you make an effective parenting plan so that at the end you get a fair amount of time with your children.


Alimony which has another name i.e. spousal custody and this refers to the financial support one owes to another partner. There are two considerable aspects namely alimony duration and alimony amount. Though there is a legal alimony calculating formula exists, sometimes negotiation leads to change.

This discussion often results in disagreements as both parties have their own opinions. We at Delhi lawyer’s law firm guide, council and mediate through the alimony settlement process.

Equal Division of Marital Properties and debts:

Distributing the properties and possessions is the most difficult aspect of the fair settlement, because assets brought during the period of marriage may not be on the name of the actual payee. In such cases, dividing the debts and possessions, cannot be equal. But our lawyers in Delhi help you get the fair part of the property.

Our Role:

It is necessary to evaluate how the settlement can work in a fine manner for both the parties. The settlement should be a fair division of assets, income, alimony, investments, taxes, insurance policies and much more.

Role of Delhi Lawyers in the divorce settlement:

Though divorce settlement is never easy for any of the spouse. As it is a matter of emotions attached to their belongings. Also, numerous concerns and disagreement between both spouses triggers the heat in the case, so our divorce settlement lawyers try to make the best arrangements of finances which equally effective for both the spouses.