metoo moment

#Metoo the latest trend which has become the reason for the storm in the lives of numerous celebrities. We all have heard of #Metoo movement what actually is symbolizes and used for? Let’s unveil the facts and theories of #Metoo movement. What is #Metoo Movement? It is a campaign against sexual violence and sexual assault which was started back in 2017 in the United States and spread like fire across the world. Ladies, who have ever encountered any sexual misconducting their lives, came forward and recite their stories to the world and......

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domestic violence

  Are you bearing with domestic violence in your marriage? you have been bearing with it for so long and not complaining about it? Because you know the fact that our legislation delays the complaint process and hence you cannot get justice and protection as soon as you expect. You no longer need to think this way as there are changes made in the new Domestic Violence Act 1995, which was initiated long back in order to protect the victim through the granting of protection orders in the family court. Earlier, there......

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file Divorce online

Filing a divorce online in India is today much easier than ever before. Mutual Consent is the simple Procedure that can be started by both husband and wife jointly. That means that both the parties agree for separation. Mutual Consent Divorce is a basic way of leaving the marriage and break it legally. The most essential thing is the common approval of both husband & wife. There are two opinions on which Husband and Wife need to reach an agreement. One is the allowance or maintenance issues. As per Indian Law, there is......

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