divorce law


Islam is one of the prominent religions across the world. It is known to have its own different culture, rules, and traditions which are determined by the Holy Quran-Sharif. Even the Muslim marriages and divorce laws are specified in Quran-Sharif which must be followed by every Muslim during the critical events of life. Even Muslim culture includes customs like polygamy and Triple Talaq. The most criticized Muslim tradition is Triple Talaq, as it allows the men to release the bond of Marriage instantly without any prior notice to their wives. Talaq signifies......

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NRI Divorce

Divorce Divorce is the absolute dissolution of marriage. In India, divorce is completely remonstrated by the religion as well as society. It’s considered as a life-changing event for a person who’s seeking the divorce. Therefore, it leads to emotional stress and social disgrace. Divorce is a hasty stop and legal process to end a relationship or marriage. The financial trauma of this is severe. NRI Divorce Agony and anguish are minor parts of every relationship and it’s pretty natural, but when it’s become intolerable, the only option left for couples is divorce.......

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