Child custody is an important aspect of divorce and couples are often seen battling for it. But attaining it becomes quite difficult for fathers. Even though the court chooses the deserving one from the duo, motherhood wins in most of the cases. So, if both parents are fighting to get custody of their child, it becomes difficult for the father to win. It requires to do a lot of preparation to get custody when you are the male parent. Here is the list of things every dad must follow in order to achieve the custody.

  1. Pay support payments regularly

Paying the child custody payments or installments on time enhances your possibility of attaining child custody as a father. But the father must maintain the records of the payments given thus far. Not only the money, but the father must have the proofs of other valuable items such as jewelry, vehicles, etc. given by him to the child. Maintaining a good track record of payments will be very helpful in proving your ability to take good care of your child.

  • Make your bond strong:

A healthy relationship between child and father is very necessary for getting child custody. So, when the child is not living with the father, the father must pay frequent visits to the child’s place and keep regular contact over the phone. It is important for a father to indulge himself in all personal and social aspects of his child’s life, this is the best way to strengthen the bond.

  • Involve in a child’s social events

Even if the father is living separately, he must attend the social gathering along with the child. Also, involving yourself in the educational, religious and important events of the child’s life will bring you even closer to your kid. Attending PTAs, school events, parties, and sports events can help you understand your child even more and vice versa. This way, a strong bond will help you convince the court for attaining the custody of your child.

  • Do the required practice

Becoming a good father is never easy and takes a lot of efforts, especially when you are not living with the mother of your child. So, the judge will take a tough test to check whether you deserve the custody or not. Thus, make sure you give smart answers to all questions that have been asked to you by the judge. The questionnaire will consist of various questions about your future plans, family conditions, housing space, income, love for your child, habits of your kid and so on.

  • Make a decent living space for your child

The child needs a good space not only in your heart but in your house as well. No matter how big or small your house is, a special space for your child is important. So, prepare a space to satisfy the inquirer sent by the court. So housing plan should be effective enough to impress the judge.

  • Respect for the mother:

You may love your child more, but a child always needs a father who respects his/her mother, if not love. Even if you both have separated and planning a divorce, try to understand and respect each other, this will keep the mental state of your child healthy. Father who tortures the child’ mother, shows aggressive or abusive behavior or disrespects the women; can never win the heart of a child as well as the custody case. So, be respectful to the mother of your child and maintain a cordial relationship with her.

  • Honesty is the key

Being realistic and honest will be the most helpful trait to achieve child custody. The father must be aware of his capabilities, flaws, and responsibilities. There should be no ego and aggression while filing the custody case. If you just want to separate the child from his/her mother and have no plans for the betterment of your child, you need to quit as the judge will never get convinced. So, first, be honest to yourself about the feelings for your child. Question yourself about your endurance and abilities and only pursue the case if you’re completely positive.