The agony of separation, fear of the future, and worries of finances, this is what divorce is all about. Admittedly, it is an emotionally draining process that not only breaks you from within but can burn a hole in your pocket too. However, the biggest challenge of the entire process is finding a good divorce lawyer who not only helps you through the legal formalities but advises you the best in mare’s nest.

When you feel stuck in your nuptial bond and want yourself to be released from it, a divorce lawyer is the one you need. But how to find a good divorce lawyer has always been a mystery until now because we have decoded the mantra of finding a good divorce lawyer. In this blog, we will shed light on some points that will make the daunting task of finding a great divorce lawyer smooth and easy. First thing first, the lawyer should have the honest intentions to understand your problem, give you the required time and attention, and not be a burden on your pocket. Well, the quest doesn’t end here as there are a few other aspects that you need to be considerate of while searching for the best divorce lawyer for your case.

The team of Delhi-lawyers says “A great divorce lawyer never profits from his clients, instead, his clients benefit from him”. When a divorce lawyer focuses on his client’s benefits more than his profit, half of the battle is won.

But when you don’t find a good divorce lawyer with pure intentions, you may end up living Jean Kerr’ sayingA lawyer is never entirely comfortable with a friendly divorce, anymore than a good mortician wants to finish his job and then have the patient sit up on the table”. 

What’s the job of a divorce lawyer?

A divorce lawyer’s main task is to make the process easier and save your hard-earned money in matters like child custody and division of the asset. 

There are many ways in which a divorce lawyer can assist you, some of them are:

  • Elucidating major grounds for divorce.
  • Rendering workable advice.
  • Calculating marital assets.
  • Help in understanding property division.
  • Planning a Debt Repayment Plan.
  • Finding spousal support.
  • Creating divorce papers
  • And more!

Sometimes you are not in the condition of hiring an expensive lawyer and thus not able to find a good lawyer under your budget. In that case, you can contact Delhi lawyers who offer their services at nominal prices but offer much more support and wisdom than many highly-priced law firms.

How to Prepare for your Divorce Proceedings?

When you are not able to understand the basics of divorce proceedings, your divorce lawyer comes to your rescue. But having a mindset that they are the only ones who are responsible to dissolve your marriage isn’t appropriate as they can only act as a guide. The job of a divorce lawyer is to understand your points, support your decisions, and share the legal consequences.

Therefore, while you are on the hunt for the right divorce lawyer, make sure you first analyze your case at hand, as every marriage has different severities, so does every divorce case. 

It has been that people are now taking divorce as revenge or matter of rage and thus dragging the matter into court even on a trivial basis such as eating habits, inability to cook, and so on. Therefore, make sure you take counseling first and then go for the divorce proceedings.

Points to Consider While Searching For a Divorce Lawyer

Now, as you are fully prepared, grounds of divorce are all worthy of separation, and you have started your search for a divorce lawyer who can handle your case, just through the points, we have listed below as they will help you narrow down your search and find the most suitable option.

Point 1: Look At the Right Places

Attorneys that are recommended by friends, families, and colleagues are always the first that you consider and this is also the right way to create a list of all available lawyers. If you don’t have a trusted referral, another thing that’s going to help is “Google” as it will help you get the list of all potential divorce lawyers in your area. 

Even some mobile apps are helping people to find a divorce lawyer; they will introduce you to some of the divorce attorneys in your area.

Point 2: Ask Related Questions 

Before hiring a lawyer for your divorce case, you need to prepare the right set of questionnaires that will help you know the skills and background of a lawyer. Here are a few questions you can ask your attorney before selecting. 

•      How many years of experience do you have in divorce cases?

•      What are the actual possibilities of winning or settling the case?

•      Do you have any link with my spouse’s attorney?

•      How would you negotiate the financial issues?

•      What will be your fee structure?

•      How long will it take to get the desired outcome from the case?

•      What documents you will need to get started on the case

•      What is your success rate?

Satisfying answers to your questions will give a brief overview of the lawyer skills and ability required in your divorce case.

Point 3: Be Clear with Price

The fee of the lawyer or firm needs to be confirmed before proceeding with the case. As a divorce case might take a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 3 years, charges must fit in your budget so that they will not burn holes in your pocket. Discuss the duration and cost of the divorce case with your attorney.

The fee structure varies from lawyer to lawyer, few attorneys charge a lump sum amount whereas others charge on every court date basis, so you need to be clear with the charges, also do not forget to ask about hidden charges, if any.

Point 4: Sharp Communication Skills

All you need is a lawyer with sharp communication skills, it is a vital factor for your case. An attorney needs to be sharp with voice and clear with hearing so that he/she will represent you precisely in front of the judge and argue with the opponent’s lawyer. Good communication skills have huge weightage in a divorce case.

There will be plenty of talking and argument with a lawyer, hence good communication skills can help to reach the case to the conclusion faster along with peaceful negotiation. Make sure you are hiring a lawyer with great communication skills.

Point 5: Experience

What makes a lawyer valuable? Experience right. It is one of the key factors you need to consider while picking the lawyer for your case. Ask the lawyer about the success rate, the number of cases, and the losses he has faced in his/her career span. A divorce case is tricky to manage, there are plenty of things and people involved in it, and the lawyer has to convince them to get the conclusion of the case. All you need is a professional in family court issues for the desired outcome.

Experienced lawyers know what it takes to get the case to the final stage, whereas novice ones can hang the case between the court and court dates. First, go through the website or lawyer or firm if any, or ask about the references that would help to know more about the lawyer.

Point 6: Availability

There are 4.4 crore pending cases in India and about only 20 lakh lawyers to deal with the cases. Now you get the idea of how complicated it is in India to fight cases. One lawyer has several cases to manage, hence you need to hire someone who can be available on your court date. The lawyer is the only person who can represent you in court in front of the judge. Thus, be careful about picking and asking about this scenario, what if this situation occurs, did he/she have support staff to look after the case. 

Point 7: Easy to Talk

A divorce case is a personal matter that goes in public, that’s why it is stressful for someone who is facing it. Make sure you pick the lawyer with whom you can be comfortable talking and sharing personal and sensitive details. You have to be transparent with a lawyer so that he/she can understand the emotion and connect with it while fighting the case for you. Hence, search for a lawyer who can understand your viewpoint and convey it adequately in court.

In case you are not comfortable while talking or sharing sensitive details, try to find someone whom you can be comfortable with and who is easy to talk to. As there are 20 lakh lawyers in India, remember that.

You need to ask a few things yourself before hiring the lawyer, some of them are given in bullet points have a look;

•      Can you share sensitive details with a person who represents you in court?

•      Can you share all your financial details?

•      Is the attorney a good listener?


Divorce is a tremendously stressful and emotional roller-coaster ride that you need to deal with. You need to find someone who can relate to your emotions and issues. A professional lawyer is someone well aware of these situations, all you need to find is the perfect lawyer to fight your case to guide and emphasize you during the case. 

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