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There is an old saying that marriages are made in paradise, now it appears to lose its significance and holiness due to an excessive number of divorces in the society. Nowadays marriages wind up in the early months of its solemnization. There are various conflicts which cause divorce but in a country like India, it seems impossible to end the marriage. When someone asks for a separation, it is because the problem in the marriage has overpowered the relation.   Infidelity, lack of communication, financial dilemmas, infrequent sessions of sex and lack......

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5 Famous Actors Divorce

Bollywood industry never disappoints us in any aspects be it entertainment, drama, gossips, celebrity links up and breakups. Beside celebrity acting, The audience is also curious to dig up what is brewing in the celebrities’ personal life whether they are hooking up, getting married or parting ways. The audience is rather interested to know if any fight or breakup of celebrities is going to happen. Which is why some of the famous celebrities had taken the industry by storm when they had announced their divorce. They had gone through an ugly divorce......

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Court Marriage

Bollywood weddings always rejoice the main headlines on news. Every celeb tries to make a creative move while getting married so that the event can be recalled for years. Investing whole lot money is a common trend of Bollywood wedding diaries, but some celebrities decided to do it out of the league. Few very-famous names of Bollywood tie a knot in the courtroom instead of a traditional wedding. Let’s talk about the Bollywood couples who picked court marriage over a fat wedding. #1:- Dharmendra and Hema Malini          ......

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