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If you are in the search of best Divorce lawyers in Delhi, you can reach our legal advisory firm. We have a team of a dedicated lawyer to help you in completing the Divorce litigation in a hassle-free manner. Every member of our firm holds the experience of a couple of years and expertise in their work-niche. Also, we have a reputation of top lawyers in Delhi, and to maintain our prestige, we do our best to meet your expectations.

No matter how old or multifaceted your case is, we are known to turn up the complex case into a successful one. So, if you want fast-track justice in your case and seeking divorce with the consent of both parties, you can reach our law officials by visiting our divorce law firms in Delhi.

We help you in the following matters:

Every single aspect of your case is handled with care, to ensure your satisfaction at the end. We keep our eye out for matrimonial issues, child custody, adoption, alumni, and maintenance law. Our work area includes:

We work forward to provide you justice in every case, irrespective of your gender, religion, or caste. Our services are free from all hidden changes, mediators and other unethical means. We only work on facts and proofs so that the deserving one can get justice.

Required Steps to get Separated and file Divorce:

    • You need to draft the divorce petition on the primary basis which must include the reasons for divorce, details or marriage and details for agreements and settlements.
    • The one who files the divorce is known as petitioners. After filing the petition, a notice of divorce is sent to the other party.
    • Both the parties are directed to attend the mediation services offered by the court, which is basically a reconciliation effort by the court
    • The family court conducts the re-conciliation sessions for the couple. If the matters resolved there, both parties can leave the case. But in the case when reconciliation efforts fail the family court takes care of the proceedings.
    • The opposite party, other than petitioner is asked to give a written statement which can act as defense.
    • The petitioner is now prompt to file he denial/reply to the statement given by opposite party.
    • At this point in time, the court determines the interim maintenance or other related matters.
    • Now the focal point of the case is determined by the court on the basis of evidence and statements provided by both parties
    • The petitioner is directed to provide the evidence, witnesses and documents for the given statement.
    • The opposite party is also lead to provide the related documents, evidence for defense or witness to support the given statement.
    • Once the matter for divorce is decoded by the court, the final discussion and arguments on the case take place in the presence of judiciary.
    • Now, the court has the power to permit the divorce, or deny the case on the grounds of evidence and documents.

The Range of Services Offered by Lawyers in Delhi:

In order to meet the requirements and needs of our clients, we keep the list of services up to date. Here below are the benefits one can avail from our law firm:

Divorce specialist lawyers in Delhi:

We have a network of top divorce lawyers in Delhi, with quite a high success rate. Our professionals are experienced in dealing with complex cases and untangle the knots of truth. No matter whether you are in the search of divorce lawyers for men or a woman seeking divorce due to a disturbance in marriage, we are there to lend you ear, shoulder and most importantly a practical and effective legal advice.

Divorce and Digital Evidence Discovery:

We are the experts in every case which lies under the “Family law” section. Also, our professionals are experts with the digital media and can deal with hardships which are common during the Divorce hearing sessions such as email hacking, identity theft, impersonation and other. From “Marriage Act, 1954”, “Succession act, 1925”, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 to, The Indian Divorce Act, 1869, our family lawyers in Delhi have a strong hold on every section which is related to your divorce case anyhow.

Online Divorce Legal Counseling:

Getting an online divorce kit is helpful to terminate your marriage. Our online legal help is equally effective and quick. All our divorce lawyers are available online to help the clients, to begin with, the online divorce kit and file the divorce.

NRI Divorce and Family Law:

Indian law has a special place for NRI divorce in its lawsuit. Therefore we have a special team of experts to deal with the cases which have both or one NRI member. Till the date, only best lawyers in Delhi are providing online documents collection for NRI clients and we are proud to be number one in the list.

How Our Support Services Are Accessible?

The legal help panel is accessible via both online and offline means of communication. In order to reach us, you can fill the query form or call upon the numbers provided. Initially, you can have telephonic consultation sessions and once you convinced, you can visit our office during office hours.

Divorce should always be the last option. Therefore, our divorce advocates in Delhi focus to figure out the complexities and help you resolve the matter and suggest you give your marriage another chance if there is any scope. Also, we help you through the mediation process. It is always hard to take a decision like a divorce but it becomes must in some situations. As it is very emotional matter to deal with, hence we try to handle with sympathy, patience, politeness, along with determination.  If an agreement is not the choice for you, we find the best medicine to your pain and help you achieve it through court.

Our services are accessible to Delhi and NCR region. We have secured the top rank in the list of top advocates in Delhi NCR. We accompany you in each step of your divorce litigation and work hard to achieve the success. Our divorce lawyers in Noida knows to build a path to success in every case, no matter how many nubs are there.