Domestic Violence: The Facts You Need to Know

Domestic violence is not only limited to physical assault by one partner to another. The purposely intimidation, sexual or emotional abuse, controlling the social life, economic abuse, social or spiritual abuse comes under the same category. There are many other aspects of domestic abuse or violence which vary from case to case.

If one partner tries to control the life of the other by threatening or power-imposing, this is also considered to be domestic violence. The team of Delhi lawyers provide complete legal support to the victim of domestic violence and help them availing justice. Reach the Delhi lawyers team immediately, if you are facing any of these from the below given:

    • If your partner is abusive in any way
    • You are not sure what can be done.
    • You are helpless and clueless of legal proceedings.
    • You are not aware of your rights.

The Different Forms of Domestic Violence Are

Physical abuse:

If you are threatened to hurt or getting hurt physically by your spouse or relation partner, you need immediate legal help. Divorce lawyers Delhi are working dedicatedly to help the victims of domestic violence and put the culprits behind the bars.

Emotional abuse:

Emotional abuses are often left unnoticeable. This is the most unrecognized form which is often neglected by most of the people. If someone is hurting your feelings, and affecting your self-worth or self-esteem, you need to put an immediate check on it. Get in touch with the team of Delhi lawyer for legal help and counseling.

Economic abuse:

If someone keeps control over your finances, and make you financially dependent on them for your basics spending or make you request them for money, it is one of the many forms of domestic violence.

Social or spiritual abuse:

If your partner or in-laws are trying to isolate you from your social life or insults you, question your self-worth or hurt your self-believe, is a form of domestic violence. If you are bound to follow a specific religion or not free to have your own religious beliefs or attempt to manipulate your spiritual thoughts is known as a spiritual belief. In such cases, contact the Delhi lawyers without waiting for the situation to get worsen.

What Actions Are to Be Taken in The Case of Domestic Violence?

Call the police:

The domestic violence cases are monitored by the police department and if you find yourself stuck in the immediate danger of domestic violence call the nearby police station or women helpline.

Contact the professionals from Delhi lawyers’ team:

The team of Delhi lawyers’ is working in a consistent manner to deal with the cases of domestic violence. If you are being mistreated by your spouse, do not lose self-belief and instantly seek for legal help. The team of high-profile lawyers handle your case and make you aware of your rights and law-sections associated with your case.

Domestic abuse against women:

Women differ anatomically and often face the biased approach of the patriarchal society. But the difference in physical structure doesn’t signify any weakness. However, they are more concerned about their families and hence do not report the cases of domestic violence. It is a very distressing fact that, from female feticide, honor killing to forceful marriage, all crimes against women are prevailing for years. But the time has come to raise voice against harassment, abuse or violence. The IPC 498a is specially structured to give justice to the female victims. Our team of lawyers provides full support to seek justice against domestic violence.

Domestic violence against men:

Though abuse against women is common, domestic violence against men is rapidly increasing. This sounds hypocritical but as the matter of the fact, it’s a serious issue which needs to be taken care of. Neither men nor women should stay in a violent environment. Our team of experienced lawyers provides the best legal advice to males who victimized by domestic violence or family injustice.