Arya Samaj Marriage: Form of Court marriage with all Vedic Rituals

Arya Samaj wedding is a very simple process which blurs the religious differences of the couple who are associated with the Hindu marriage act. This blog provides an insightful overview of the Arya Samaj marriage and its important aspects.

Requirements for Arya Samaj marriage:

    • 10th class mark sheet/certificate
    • Passport
    • PAN card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driving license

For the proof of address:

    • Aadhar card
    • Passbook or bank account statement
    • Passport
    • Voter id card
    • Driving license

(Anyone from the list)

Other requirements for Arya Samaj marriage in Delhi:

    • 5 passport size photograph of both applicants.
    • The presence of two witnesses is required with their ID proofs namely Voter ID card, passport, ration card, driving license, bank, lease agreement, rent agreement.
    • If any of the applicants were married before or divorcee, the copy of the decree of divorce from the court is required for Arya Samaj marriage.
    • If the applicant is a widow or widower, death certificate of the spouse is required to apply for Arya Samaj marriages.
    • The relationship of both applications must not fall in the category of the prohibited degree of relationship.

Certificate for Arya Samaj Mandir marriage:

Arya Samaj provides the legal certificate after the completion of marriage. This certificate states that the couple mentioned on the certificate had a legal marriage. It stays in record till the marriage lasts.

The certificate includes the name of both parties, time, venue of marriage and name of witnesses. It works as an important document for the couple as it is used in a certain number of legal activities as it indicates the legalization of their marriage/relation.

Arya Samaj believes in the scarcity of the marriage, and it cannot be only confined to religious aspect as it can take place between a couple irrespective of their caste or religion. Hence the Arya Samaj marriage is appropriate for all religion and caste.

After solemnization of the marriage, a certificate of marriage is offered by the authorities of Arya Samaj under the guidance of Arya Samaj experts. With Delhi lawyers, you can get legal advice and support for Arya Samaj marriage. If you have a thought of Court marriage in your mind, Delhi court marriage lawyer is the best place to get assistance. You will be assisted through the marriage, we help you find Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi and post-marriage legal procedure i.e. registering the marriage certificate under the Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937.

Steps of Arya Samaj Registration

    • Firstly, you need to make an appointment at the sub registrar’s office. It takes a period of two weeks or more. So, it is advisable to make an appointment even before the date of marriage, so that you don’t have to wait for too long.
    • Fill out the registration form.
    • Attach the date of birth proofs of both parties.
    • The passport size picture of both parties is required.
    • The marriage invitation card is required.
    • Two physically available witnesses.
    • Attestation of the gazetted
    • Once you are done completing all formalities, the certificate for the validation of marriage will be granted by the magistrate.

Why it is important to get the Arya Samaj marriage certificate?

    • Visa approval: It acts marriage-proof while traveling to abroad with your spouse
    • Legal proof: For the validation of the marriage legally, a certificate is necessary. Even it ensure the legal social status of your marriage.
    • Authorities: It ensures that you get all the authority which must be given to one’s wife or husband.
    • Loan approvals: With a legal marriage certificate helps you acquire the loan approval if taken jointly.