metoo moment

#Metoo the latest trend which has become the reason for the storm in the lives of numerous celebrities. We all have heard of #Metoo movement what actually is symbolizes and used for? Let’s unveil the facts and theories of #Metoo movement.

What is #Metoo Movement?

It is a campaign against sexual violence and sexual assault which was started back in 2017 in the United States and spread like fire across the world. Ladies, who have ever encountered any sexual misconducting their lives, came forward and recite their stories to the world and this time they got ears, favors and moreover empathy. This movement has dragged several biggies in the accusation box, but almost each of them backlashed the allegations. It has made it clear that women are no more ready to stay silent and can make you taste your Karma, as women empowerment is now a thing.

Being touched inappropriately; the touch you never asked for is the worst nightmare of a woman, but the word consent is still a mystery for men around us, especially men with power.  The power could be financial, political, or social, but all it does is encouraging the holder to exploit the susceptible. As the matter of the fact, men are physiologically different and stronger and this fact leads some pathetic minds to enforce their uninvited sexual advances on opposite sex. This movement has become troublesome to those who have ever asked for non- consensual sexual favors.

The movement has revealed several hidden stories so far, some of them are unbelievable, but not impossible. Here is the list of top breaking stories of #metoo movement:

  • The accusation of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer by an actress
  • Tanushree Datta’s allegations against the Krantiveer fame actor Nana Patekar.
  • The accusation of sexual misconduct against famous director Vikas behalf and comedian Utsav Chakraborty
  • Nishant Jain has accused reporter and documentary filmmaker, Vinod Dua for stalking her and sexually harassing.
  • Saloni Chopra has files allegations against the filmmaker Sajid Khan.
  • There is an anonymous woman accused Subhash Ghai of drugging and raping her in the state of unconsciousness.
  • MJ Akbar- Rajya Sabha MP and the Minister of State for external affairs has been accused by his female colleagues.

The list has several other names. We can see not only Bollywood but every sector whether its politics, medical or corporate, has women who survived or witnessed sexual abuse.

This was all about the outer world, but the existence of domestic violence and marital rape is the irony of the world for hundreds of years. Several women are forced to indulge in the act of sex without their consent, just because their husband demands so. It is sad to hear, that the protector who has the responsibility of saving the dignity, is tearing it apart. Marriage is not a license to impose on your sexual desires on your partner. Marital rapes are the least reported crime in India, but it has all valid reasons to be a topic in #metoo conversation.

Here is the reason why marital sexual-abuse should be included in the #metoo campaign:

  • The obvious reason: Because it is without consent:

The topic of consent is often ignored in marriages. Many ladies out there face the marital rape on regular basis, as their husband doesn’t ask for their will or consent before perusing their desires. Also, it slowly demolishes the emotional well-being of a woman as well as their bond with their husband.

  • It is a form of physical abuse:

Physical advances to a woman without her consent belongs to the act of physical abuse. It is a criminal offense straightaway, so marital rape has every reason to be a part of the #metoo campaign.

  • Raising voice is necessary:

#metoo has given a platform to raise voice against women exploitation, especially sexual abuse whether it is in or out of the marriage. It is important for every woman to get out the traumatic marriage, and empower other women against domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The change in society is the need of the hour, the #metoo is the best platform to unite the women across the world against the crimes like sexual-abuse in marriage or any other form of domestic violence.

A note of advice:

Bearing with any injustice is a crime too, so if you are the one of the victims or witnesses of sexual or physical abuse in marriage, you must take the legal actions right away. If you are too afraid to take a stand, consult your case with Delhi lawyers for a legal consultation. You will be guided, supported and educated to deal with your dilemma. These words of advice can save you from the continuous harassment and help you start a new dawn of your life.